Sunday, 15 April 2018

Ras el Hanout Cashew Nuts

The April weather continues to tease us.  Yesterday, the sun was shining and I actually walked about without my raincoat.  Then we woke up today and its spitting rain.  Its late afternoon and its still raining.  So today, we play catch up with laundry and house work related stuff. 

Whilst going through some of the kitchen cupboards, I came across a packet of ras al hanout;  purchased it for  Moroccan Tagine with Spiced Seed Confetti,, but I find that I rarely use it as I often have all the spices at home to make from scratch, but as a person who dislikes waste.  I decided to use  the ras al hanout to coat some cashew nuts. 
This recipe is inspired by the Rosemary Cashew Nuts I made earlier in the year.  Once made and cooled down, I tipped them carefully into a recycled jar from Douwe Egberts Coffee (my instant coffee of choice).  Every time I go into the kitchen to make a cuppa, I find my mitts reaching into the jar and munching some.  

Let just say these homemade Ras el Hanout Cashew Nuts are very moreish.  

Friday, 13 April 2018

Three Coloured Pasta with Roasted Squash and Sage

I have had a manic week, so I am pleased to note it is Friday.

The weather is predicted to be overcast, but that has not stopped us from making plans to get out of bed early and drive somewhere new to explore.  What exciting plans do you have for the weekend
While you ponder my question, I will share with you a Three coloured Pasta Salad that I made early in the week for the working week.  

The three coloured pastas are: tomato, spinach and plain. It bulked up with roasted squash and sage and a good grating of vegan cheese. 
The sage fragrant hits you quite strong, but the flavour not so much.  I didn't mind this Three Coloured Pasta Salad, it made a change from the usual tomato, cucumber and black olive one that  I often make.  But D was not that keen.  I think he would have preferred if I had made a sauce of the butternut squash to smother the pasta, but he still ate it.  Good man. 
I am sharing this  Three Coloured Pasta Salad with Souper Sundays hosted by Kahakai Kitchen

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Chunky Turnip and Urad Dal - Lentil Stew

The weather here continues to be miserable and as much as I am trying for it not to bother me, its actually beginning to bring me down.   I had to wait for a bus recently, nothing unusual about that, I do that every working day.  But there was no bus shelter at this particular stop and I was getting wet, really wet.  Sodden in fact, even with my raincoat on.  Yes I was feeling a bit grumpy. 
So some of you may have noted, we have been eating a lot of soups, stews and one pot dishes.
This stew was cobbled together with what we had at home, which was very little at the time.

I often make this stew with red lentils, but had a packet of Urad Dal which is black gram without the skin.  Its perhaps my least favourite legume, but I do still try and eat it.  Its actually been a while since I cooked with it, the last time it was Urad Dal with poppy seeds.  
I didn't mind the Urad Dal so much this autumnal coloured Chunky Turnip Stew

We had this with crusty bread, but Basmati rice would work and even Naan Bread; Or just tuck in with a big spoon.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

One Pot Curried Red Chard, Butternut Squash, Chestnut Mushroom with White Beans

April weather has been teasing us - a peek of sunshine, followed rather quickly by a burst of rain - I know its not called 'April Showers' for nothing.  The point is, its still not very warm and we are still tucking into autumnal coloured food.  In fact, let me forewarn you in advance, this week my blog will feature food that is mostly orange in colour.   

Here is my One Pot Curried Butternut Squash, Red Chard, Chestnut Mushrooms and White Beans.  Food that glows and food that warms the belly.
I really dislike using the word 'curried', as its used so lazily these days, but this One Pot Butternut Squash, Red Chard, Chestnut Mushrooms and White Beans recipe is actually curried.  The recipe is also inspired and adapted from Anjum Anand.  It was surprisingly quite good.  

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

April In My Kitchen

In My Kitchen... 
I have some red Chard and leeks (not shown) harvested from the allotment garden plot over the Easter weekend. 
In My Kitchen, some ethically sourced Brown Rice from smallholders in Malawi.  It was being sold in my workplace by a charity to raise awareness of Fairtrade fortnight.